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How Does OLX Makes Money? What Is The Revenue of OLX?

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OLX is one of the most popular free classified websites over the Internet. OLX is also one of the most visited websites in the world. OLX spends a large amount of money for the branding as well as on other product development. Thus, it arises a lot of question among many Internet users, that how OLX make money? What is the revenue of OLX?

In this article, we have provided information on how OLX makes money and its source of revenue.

OLX Logo

OLX Logo

2 Ways OLX Makes Huge Money Online, Source of Revenue

1. Text Ads/Banner Advertisement

It is the most popular way to make money online. OLX also uses the same method to earn money to run their operations and make a profit. They use Google AdSense, and other advertising networks to monetize their website. Most of time, Google AdSense ads are displayed when you open OLX website. So, it is one of the income streams for OLX to make some profit and run their operations.

2. Premium Listing/Paid Listing

A premium listing or paid listing will be seen top of each and every search or category. You have to pay extra money to show your classified ad on the top of search or category listing. However, charges are normal but you will get a good result based on your requirement.

OLX stopped this method to earn money. Right now, text ads and banner advertisement are the only way to make money and earn profit for them. OLX has many country specific websites, especially designed according to the needs of particular country. When writing this article on April 4, 2015, OLX.com’s Alexa Rank isĀ 20,165. So, you can think that how much visitors OLX may be getting to earn a few thousand dollars daily. OLX.in is more popular than OLX.com, because Alexa Rank of OLX.in is 409 (global). Thus, OLX must be making a lot of amount from its million of visitors each month.

Article Title: How Does OLX Makes Money? What Is The Revenue of OLX?
Article last re-published on September 20, 2016.