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Charlie Daniels

How to Get Charlie Daniels Autograph Through The Mail

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Charlie Daniels is the most popular musician, songwriter and singer in the United States of America. He is widely known for his contribution to southern rock and country music. He was also inducted into the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum in 2009. He is also widely popular among the overseas music lovers. I have also received an autographed photo personally signed by him.

In this article, I have provided good information on how to get Charlie Daniels autograph through the mail. So, let’s read!

Charlie Daniels Autograph

Charlie Daniels Autograph

How to Get Charlie Daniels Autograph Through The Mail

Step-1: You should prepare a letter requesting the autograph of Charlie Daniels for your collection. If you are not collecting autographs then mention that you are a big fan of him.

Step-2: I am recommending you to put two photographs of him, on which you want his autographs. It is the best practice to send out photographs for him to be signed. If you don’t want to send out photographs, then he will send you signed photos from his side.

Step-3: After preparing a letter and putting two photographs, pack the cover with SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope). Send this request to the following address.

Charlie Daniels
Charlie Daniels Band
17060 Central Pike
Lebanon, TN 37090-8019
United States of America (USA)

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Where to Buy Charlie Daniels Original Autograph

eBay is one of the best ways to buy Charlie Daniels original autograph. However, a good number of fake autographs dealers are also there on eBay. So, be aware of forged dealers! You should buy autographed photograph or autographed music instrument of Charlie Daniels for your hobby or investment. You would get good price and value for his autograph. So, buy now!

We hope that the information on how to get Charlie Daniels autograph through the mail will be useful to all. If you have found this information useful then please do not hesitate to share this article on the popular social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit and Google Plus.

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Article last re-published on August 28, 2016.

Autographs Book

How to Get Indian Politicians Autographs for Your Collection [Best Tips & Guide]

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Indian politicians are generally not polite at their fans for giving autographs. It is very much difficult to get autographs of Indian politicians if you don’t know a best way to get one. I have also struggled very much to get autographs of Indian politicians. It is nearly sometime impossible to get autographs of Indian heads of state, chief ministers and Governors.Still, I have managed to get autographs of so many Indian politicians for my autographs collection. Here, I am going to write my best tips & guide on How to Meet Indian politicians for their autographs.

Celebrities Autographs Collection

Celebrities Autographs Collection

1. Write a Letter at Their Official Address

Most of Indian politicians have their own personal as well as party/government provided office. This is the first try to get autographs from seating at home. If you are looking for address of Lok Sabha MP or Rajyasabha MP, then visit the Official website of respective house where you can find official address of respective MPs.

2. Write a Letter at Their Home Address

If you are not succeed with first try at the Official address then try home address. Try to search on Google for particular celebrity address by typing “<celebrity name> home address”. I have also tried to contact some MPs at their official address but they didn’t replied me. Then I have written those MPs at their home address and I got success! It may be possible, those MPs not available at their official address. Just try it!

3. Contact Secretaries / Assistants

Sometime your letter even not reached to the right person. That’s why sometime we get failed to obtain autograph. 100% MPs have their own personal assistant or secretary to help them in their work. You just need to call respective MPs office number during office hours. Don’t talk just like a ordinary person otherwise you will be ignored by telephone operator or assistant. You should have some skills to talk like they are also talking with another celebrity. I have implemented this skill in so many events and got success!

If you are still not able to get your favourite Indian politician autograph then let me know. I will try my level best to guide you.

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Article Title: How to Get Indian Politicians Autographs for Your Collection [Best Tips & Guide]
Article last re-published on August 19, 2016.

How to Get Tony Blair Autograph Through The Mail, Email, and In Person

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Tony Blair is the former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. He was in office between 1997 and 2007. He is one of the most controversial leaders in the United Kingdom for some of his decisions. The most of autographs collectors collect autographs of UK Prime Ministers for their collection. Thus, you have to collect an autograph of Tony Blair for your collection.

If you are looking for an autograph of Tony Blair, then follow the following steps to get one for your collection.

Tony Blair Autograph

Tony Blair Autograph

Best Ways to get Tony Blair Autograph through the Mail and Email

1. Through the Mail

After his retirement as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he has started his own business consultancy firm as well as trust/foundation for charity work. You should write a letter to him at any of the addresses given below. Please note that, you should explain that you are a great fan of him and admire his thoughts.

The Honorable Tony Blair
The Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Office of Tony Blair
P.O. Box 60519
London W2 7JU
United Kingdom

Tony Blair Office Address

Tony Blair Office Address

2. Through an Email

To get his autograph through an email, you should write a well-written email explaining that you are looking for his autograph for your collection. Please provide your full name, address either office or home, telephone number and details to get Tony Blair autograph through an email. The official email address of Tony Blair office is given below.


3. Exchange with Autographs Collectors

If you are failed to get Tony Blair autograph through the mail and an email, then don’t worry. You should exchange autograph with other fellow autographs collectors to get an autograph of Tony Blair for your collection. However, most of autographs collectors will demanded for an equal important leader autograph in exchange. So, you should ready for that.

4. Buy From Autograph Dealers

There are several autograph dealers in the United Kingdom and around the world who sells autographs regularly. You would find them on eBay and other such places.

5. Buy on eBay

eBay is one of the best locations online to get Tony Blair autograph. However, you should need to keep an eye on originality of the autograph. Check out the number of feedbacks and seller score on eBay before buying anything on it.

Article Title: How to Get Tony Blair Autograph Through The Mail, Email, and In Person
Article last re-published on August 9, 2016.

How to Get Justin Bieber Autograph Through The Mail and In Person

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Justin Bieber, is the biggest heartthrob in this generation. He is also one of the most followed persons on Twitter and liked on Facebook. He has also a large number of YouTube followers. People are made to meet him and get his autograph on photograph, card, t-shirt, shoes, cap, used clothes, CDs, DVDs, Blue-Rays, and much more.

In this article, we have provided information and tips on how to get Justin Bieber autograph through the mail and in person. So, let’s read!

Justin Bieber Autograph

Justin Bieber Autograph

How to Get Justin Bieber Autograph Through The Mail and In Person

1. Send Snail Mail

It is one of the best ways to get Justin Bieber autograph for your collection. You have to prepare a well-written letter explaining why you are looking for his autograph. Please mention that you are a big fan of him. You should not forget to include the object, where you want an autograph of him. Below is the address of Justin Bieber, where you should try.

Justin Bieber
Scooter Braun Projects, LLC
Worldwide Plaza
825 8th Avenue
28th Floor
New York, NY 10019
United States of America

2. In Person

Justin Bieber travel frequently around the world each year for his programs and singing events. You have to buy tickets in advance to get confirmed seat. You should try to get Justin Bieber autograph at the venue. You will also find a lot of fans when Justin arrive at the venue/event place.

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3. Buy from an Autograph Collector / Dealer

You will find a lot of autograph dealers selling Justin Bieber autograph on card, cap, CDs, DVDs, and such other objects. You should try to bargain with them to get reasonable price. Alternatively, you should contact autographs collectors who want to sale an autograph of Justin Bieber from his/her collection.

Please be aware of fake autographs of Justin Bieber circulating in the collectible markets. If you are planning to buy Justin Bieber autograph from online stores, please be extra careful. I have seen many fake autographs of Justin Bieber on eBay and other sites.

4. Autograph Exchange

If you have an autograph of other important celebrity, then you should try to exchange with other fellow autographs collectors. However, that autographs collectors should ready to give you Justin Bieber autograph.

Be Aware of Fake Autographs of Justin Bieber

You would find thousands of fake autographs in the market. So, it is always a difficult thing to buy original autographs of Justin Bieber. Be careful when buying autographs of famous stars like Justin. We are recommending you to buy only from trusted dealers in the US and other countries.

Let me know how you got Justin Bieber autograph, if you have one. Please do not forget to share your story with us through the comments. We will be more than happy to publish your comments here.

Happy Collecting!

Article last re-published on August 3, 2016.

How to Collect Celebrity Autographs [Best Tips & Guide]

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Autograph collection is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. Collecting celebrity autograph is a popular way to make yourself happy, if you are a fond of celebrities. With this hobby, you can keeps in touch with your favorite celebrity. During your financial crisis, your autographs collection may be useful to avoid that crisis at some level.

In this article, we have provided the best tips and guide on how to collect celebrity autographs through various medium. So, let’s see!

Autographs Book

Autographs Book

5 Best Ways to Collect Celebrity Autographs

1. Snail Mail / Through The Mail

Snail Mail is the best way to collect celebrity autographs for your collection. It was heavily used method in the past. Right now, it is also a popular method but the popularity has been decreased in the recent time after invention of digital autographs. Many fans collect their favorite celebrity’s autograph through their Smartphone or computer. However, it is not an original autograph.

In this method, you have to prepare a well explained letter, describing about yourself and hobby. You should not forget to attach a self-addressed self-envelope (SASE) to get more success in getting replies from your favorite celebrity. You should also attach a photograph of your favorite celebrity. So, they do not require to print photographs for you.

2. Autograph Exchange

If you are in contact with other autographs collector, then you should exchange autographs with them to increase your collection as well as help others to increase their collection. It is one of the most popular ways to get your desired autograph by giving autograph which you have in double. However, you just need to find out only trusted autograph collectors otherwise someone will cheat you by giving fake autographs. So, be aware in autograph exchange with other collectors. Trust is the most important factor in this method.

3. Autograph Request by Email

Only a few celebrity will send out their autographs through an email request. It is not a popular way to collect celebrity autographs. Still, a few celebrity will send you their personally signed photographs, card, or other things by an email request. It is also difficult to find out an email address of specific celebrity.

4. Signing Event

A few celebrity across the world organizes signing event for their fans. Most of these events are paid. You have to pay some charges as fixed by the organizers or celebrity him/herself. It is the best way to get your favorite celebrity autograph in person to avoid any fake one. However, you have to travel at the particular location to get his/her autograph.

5. Buy Autographs / Purchase Autographs

It is also one of the most popular ways to collect celebrity autographs. It is not possible for everyone to collect autographs during an event of autographs, in person or get autograph in snail mail. So, what they do? They ask other fellow autograph collectors if they are willing to sell their collection or a single autograph. Please keep in mind, you should buy autographs from trusted and known collectors.

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Article first published on April 2, 2015. Last re-published on February 26, 2016.

How to Collect Celebrities Autographs – Best Tips & Guide for Beginners

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Autographs collection is one of the fastest growing hobby in the World. Nearly, more than 1 million people collects autographs as their hobby or investment. There are so many persons who wants to start autographs collection but they didn’t know how to collect celebrities autographs. To help them, I have written this article with best tips & guide on How to Collect Autographs.

Celebrities Autographs Collection

Celebrities Autographs Collection

Autographs can be obtained through email, regular mail, in person, exchange with other autograph collector and by paying price for it. I have collected autographs with all the methods whichever suitable for particular celebrity autograph.

There are following ways to collect celebrities autographs. You can select particular method based on requirement and situation.

• Autographs Through The Mail
• Autographs Through The Email
• Autographs In Person
• Autographs Purchase

1. Autographs Through The Mail : Collecting autographs through the mail is the best way to collect celebrities autographs. This will save your time as well as your money. Success rate in this way is fifty fifty because it totally depend upon the celebrity to reply you or not. Only a few celebrities have their own fan office to reply your autographs request.

There are so many websites available for celebrities official addresses. In recent years, lots of websites has been created only for celebrities addresses. It is very easy to find particular celebrity office and home address. It is always recommended that you should write on office address.

2. Autographs through e-mail : Collecting autographs through email is also one of the best way to collect celebrities autographs. It is not much successful way to collect autographs because most of celebrities don’t have time to reply their fans email. If celebrity’s secretary is good at all then you have good chance to grab one autographed photo, card for your collection without paying anything. As per my opinion, it is not good way to collect autographs.

Google is the best way to search celebrity’s official website. After opening celebrity’s website, go to contact us page, Email Me page or anything like that where you can write a email to request autograph.

3. Autographs in person : This is the toughest way to collect autographs. It is most time consuming if you are beginner and don’t have any contacts with program organizers. First try to collect autographs through the mail then start collecting autographs in person. You should have information on celebrities events and programs in your city. Before appearing in the program, carry some photographs and cards to take autographs on it.

4. Autographs Purchase : This is the easiest way to collect autographs. You can purchase autographs from autographs dealers and autographs collectors like me. You have to mention your area of interest to the dealer. He/She will informs you whenever your area of interest autographs are available.

Besides this, you can also purchase autographs from eBay. Please note that eBay is the popular place for fake autographs. So, I am recommending you to only purchase from good rated autographs dealers on eBay.

Please let me know if you have any question regarding How to Collect Autographs. Let me know which is your favorite way to collect autographs ?

Article first published on January 16, 2016.