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What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about India?

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India is the land of many amazing things. There are countless things which are unknown or unusual to the outsider (non-Indian). In each and every part of the country, you will find different culture, tradition, food, style, and even their beliefs. In this article, we have compiled a list of the most amazing, mind-blowing and unusual things and facts about India. So, let’s enjoy!

What are some of the most mind-blowing facts about India?

1. Indian Railways

Indian Railways has a large number of employees i.e. 1.4 million, which is equivalent to many small nations across the world, such as Iceland, Vatican City, Estonia, Luxembourg, Bahrain, Trinidad and Tobago, Monaco, and many more.

2. No Doors in All Houses of the Village

Have you ever seen all houses of a village without doors? Yes, it is only possible in India. There is a village, named, Shani Shingnapur in Maharashtra where people didn’t have any fear due to their faith in god. No theft have been reported in the village yet.

3. 200 women killed rapist in court-room in Nagpur

Akku Yadav, a rapist and a hard-core criminal was killed by a mob of 200 women in Nagpur’s court-room. Akku Yadav was accused of many rapes and he often released by court in most of cases. These women lost their faith in the justice system of India and taken law in their hand.

4. Largest planned city – Navi Mumbai aka New Mumbai

The Government has built a new city, called, New Mumbai or Navi Mumbai, which is considered the largest planned township on the planet.

5. First rocket of India was brought on bicycle

Have you ever imagined a rocket may be brought on bicycle? Yes, it happened in India. The country’s first rocket was brought on bicycle. It was developed by India’s space research organization.

6. 31 Doctors in Single Family

Have you ever seen a family with 31 doctors, residing in the same house? Yes, it happens only in India. A family in Jaipur, Rajasthan has 7 physicians, 3 ophthalmologists, 3 ENT specialists, orthopedic, urologist, psychiatrists, pathologists, 5 gynecologists, and neurologists. They should rename their surname as doctor family.

7. India never invaded any country

In the history of this country, India never invaded any country. India is considered as one of the most peaceful countries in the world.

8. Largest Postal Network

India Post, one of the largest postal networks in the world. India Post has the largest number of post offices in the world. It covers the most of villages in every part of the country.

9. Second Largest Country in the World

India is the second largest country in the world after China by population. The population of India is 1.25 billion according to the last census.

10. Without ticket charges on terrorist

Indian officials filed without ticket case against Ajmal Kasab for entering CST Railway Station, Mumbai. The news was published in Sify News portal.

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Article last re-published on October 11, 2015.

What are the interesting and amazing facts about the United States

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United States is one of the most interesting countries in the world. It is also the most powerful country in the world. There are a lot of interesting and amazing facts about the United States. In this article, we have compiled a list of the facts about the United States including funny, interesting, amazing, and important. So, let’s see!

American Flag

American Flag

What are the interesting and amazing facts about the United States

  • At the time of prohibition during 20s and 30s, Government of the United States of America poisoned alcohol, almost 10,000 lost their lives.
  • Life is cheap in the United States for a drunk driver because that drunk driver kills at least 1 person every hour.
  • Yummy!: If we put all pizza served in a single day in the United States, then we will need 100 acres to accommodate it.
  • United States population in 1776 was only 2.5 million and today it’s 314 million.
  • Surprising fact: Check your wallet right now, if you have US$10 in it and no debts, then you are wealthier than 25% of Americans.
  • Dirty: A whopping seven percent Americans accepts they never bathe.
  • One out of every eight American workers has been employed by McDonald’s, one of the largest food chains in the world.
  • A large number of Americans migrated to the USSR during the Great Depression in 1930s.
  • A slave in the United States in 1850s would cost you only 12K US$ in 2013 dollars.
  • Russia and the United States are the great enemies since decades but the nearest point is just less than 4 km apart.
  • As many as 25% Americans believe in reincarnation.
  • One American consumes resources equivalent to 32 Kenyans.
  • Shocking fact: America’s first slave owner was a black man.
  • One out of three Americans is overweight.
  • As many as 9,000,000 people are in prisons for various reasons around the world, and a quarter of them are in the United States of America.
  • Sad: United States detonated a nuclear bomb in space in 1962 and it was 1000 times stronger than a nuclear bomb that hit Hiroshima.
  • Alaska was purchased by the United States from Russia for only US$7.2 million in 1867.
  • 8 billion chickens are consumed in the United States each year.

Article first published on April 15, 2015.

15 Interesting Facts About the United States Military Budget

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United States is the most powerful country in the world by development as well as in military. United States is spending money like an ordinary papers on their defense budget. However, United States is involved in many wars in several countries at a time and they continue this strategy since decades. In this article, we have provided the most important, interesting, amazing, and mind blowing facts about the United States defense budget. So, let’s see!

Top 20 Defense Budgets

Top 20 Defense Budgets

15 Interesting Facts About the United States Military Budget

1. The United States Military Budget allocates funds to the Army, Coast Guard, Navy, Air Force, and Marine Corps.

2. United States is the biggest arms exporter in the world according to SIPRI.

3. For the past 13 years, United States of America military spending has increased a whopping 114%.

4. According to the latest news report, United States must spend 1% of its GDP to maintain its arsenal. It is one of the most shocking facts about the United States military budget.

5. US spends more money than the next 15 countries combined in the world.

6. United States has 15,654 square miles occupied land which is the bigger than the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, and D.C. combined.

7.  As predicted, United States will be paying a hefty amount i.e. US$59 billion/year to its injured veterans in the wars. This amount is equivalent to many countries GDP.

8. The Government labeled US$11 billion as ‘wasted’ or ‘lost’ in Iraq. This amount is equivalent to the salaries of 220,00 teachers in the United States.

9. Defense spending is higher today than at any time since the height of World War II.

10. The cost of one American soldier stationing in Iraq is equivalent to feed sixty families in the United States.

11. The cost of running US operations in Afghanistan per day is equivalent to build the entire Pentagon.

12. According to 2008 military budget figures, the Pentagon spent more dollars every 5 seconds in Iraq than the average American earned in a whole year.

13. FYI, military budget consumes eighty percent of individual income tax revenue of the United States.

14. The Government of the United States has spent US$1.5 billion in compensating radiation victims of nuclear testing. It is an equivalent amount of educating 13,000 American kids.

15. United States military budget is more than all 50 states combined spend on welfare, safety, education, and health.

Article first published on April 13, 2015.

10 Interesting Facts About Google AdSense

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Google is one of the largest tech companies in the world. Google Search Engine is the most visited website in the world. Till date, Google has developed a large number of products which are useful and changed the world, one of them is Google AdSense. In this article, we have provided 13 interesting facts about Google AdSense. So, let’s read.

Google Adsense

Google Adsense

10 Interesting Facts About Google AdSense

1. Google AdSense is the largest source of income for almost websites over the Internet.

2. Google AdSense doesn’t have a single telephone number for customer care to address the publishers query.

3. Google made US$13.6 from AdSense alone in 2014.

4. There are more than 2 million publishers in Google’s AdSense program.

5. AdSense publishers made about US$7 Billion from this ad program.

6. If you are not 18 or more, you can’t submit your application to Google AdSense to become a publisher. You have to submit your AdSense application in the name of your guardian or parent.

7. FYI, if you have found any advertisement which violates law of your country, you can submit your complaint to the team of Google AdSense.

8. You would not able to open ads in a new browser window.

9. Google AdSense will disable your account if you click on advertisement on your own website. It is strictly prohibited and Google already disabled thousands of accounts due to violation of their policy.

10. Mashable, TechCrunch, PlentyOfFish, BusinessInsider, and such other websites earns a large amount through Google AdSense advertisement program.

11. Wire Transfer is the most popular way used by Google AdSense to pay money to their publishers worldwide.

12. A few countries webmasters are required to have a six months old website to be eligible to apply for Google AdSense.

13. Google sends the highest CPC Ad for the first zone of your site that loads first. That means if your 768 x 60 px ad size is the first ad which gets display first, then this will be the ad which will be having the maximum CPC compare to your other two ads on your page.

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Article first published on April 11, 2015.

14 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates

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Bill Gates is the richest person on the planet. He is also one of the most active persons in philanthropy through his money. He is also one of the most respected persons in the world due to his work for the betterment of human being. In this article, Thasariya’s Blog provided the most amazing, and interesting facts about Bill Gates. So, let’s read.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates

14 Interesting Things You Didn’t Know About Bill Gates

1. Bill Gates earns US$250 every second, US$15000 every minute, US$900000 every hour, that’s about US$20 million a day and US$7.8 Billion per year!

2. Think for a second, If Bill Gates is a country, then he would be the 37th richest country on the planet.

3. Right now (while writing this article), Bill Gate is 59 years old. If we assume that he will live for another 35 years, he has to spend a whopping US$6.78 Million/day to spend all his money before he died.

4. The US national debt is about 5.62 trillion, if Bill Gates were to pay the debt by himself; he will finish it in less than 20 years.

5. FYI, Bill Gates was jailed for his bad habit of driving in 1977 in New Mexico.

Bill Gates Arrested

Bill Gates Arrested

6. If Microsoft Windows users start claiming US$1 for every time their computers hang, then Bill Gates may be bankrupted within three years.

7. If you convert all money of Bill Gate to one American dollar (notes), then you can create a road from the earth to moon, 14 times back and forth. But you have to make that road non-stop for 1,400 years, and use a total of 713 BOEING 747 planes to transport all the money.

8. If Bill Gates start donating his money to everyone on earth about US$15 per person, still Bill Gates will have US$5 Million in his personal account.

9. If Bill Gates drops a US$1000 note, then he should not take it back because during the four seconds he picks the note, he would have earned that money already.

10. Bill Gates’ three children will only get US$10 million each, out of his total wealth.

11. At the age of 30, he was aimed to become a millionaire but by the age of 31, he becomes billionaire.

12. Bill Gates has no college degree yet. Still, he hires top graduates from across the world.

13. Bill Gates prevented millions of deaths with vaccines and better healthcare.

14. Bill Gates bought his first private jet in 1997 by paying US$21 million.

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Article first published on April 11, 2015.

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